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Q-switch nd:Yag Laser
Model: BS-YAG1

Q-switch nd:Yag Laser BS-YAG1beauty Nd Yag Laser Q-switch nd:Yag Laser Q-switch nd:Yag Laser

High energy Q-switch nd yag laser

Model: BS-YAG1

This BS-YAG1 Q-switch nd:Yag laser therapy instrument uses the most advanced Q-switch technology which makes the laser energy released at a very short time, then forms a high peak power giant pulse. The pigment granules will rapidly expansion and breakdown after absorbed such huge laser energy in short period, and the cell framework will be fully preserved and repaired quickly, This could treat the pigment tissue and almost has no destructive to the normal tissues.

Dermal pigmented lesions:
- Blue nevi
- Nevi of Ota or Ito
- Traumatic and decorative tattoos
- Post-sclerotherapy hyper pigmentation
Epidermal pigmented lesions:
- Lentigines
- Cafe-au-lait macules
- Ephelids (Freckles)
- Seborrheic Keratosis
Soft peeling
- Melasma
- Fine wrinkles
- Wide pores
- Skin care and rejuvenation
- Shallow reddish acne scar
- Aged skin
- Seborrheic Skin (Yellow oily skin)

- Dual-wavelength high energy output: 1064nm with 800mJ per pulse, and 532nm with 400mJ
- High precision 7 articulated light conducting arm with less than 10% energy loss
- High quality Q switch and Polarizer with excellent performance
- Optimized laser cavity mode ensures good laser beam spot mode, in the laser spot, light intensity is uniformly distributed and no hot light spot

- Laser wavelength: 1064nm/532nm
- Optical beam transmission: 7 joint light conducting arm
- Laser spot size: adjustable 1 - 7mm; 10mm (parallel light handpiece)
- Laser aiming: red semi-conductor laser beam
- Laser pulse width: 6~8 ns
- Single pulse energy: 800mJ/1600mJ(1064nm), 400mJ(532nm)
- Repeat frequency: 1 - 10Hz adjustable
- Cooling system: closed loop water circulation
- Weight: 90Kg
- Power supply: AC220V


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