Shock Wave Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy, a good option for small animals

The application of shock waves is undoubtedly a good option for small animals, and can be used in a variety of cases such as hip dysplasia, knee arthritis, shoulder-related lameness, among others. In addition, it provides rapid pain relief, has no side effects and, very importantly, allows to avoid or delay surgery and consequent recovery. Thus, our pets can quickly recover their quality of life, something that worries owners so much.

The area of veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation is constantly growing in recent years, thanks to the work and perseverance of excellent professionals to improve techniques and application tools.

✔️Eliminate the cause of the physical alteration;
✔️Improve clinical symptoms to regain normal function;
✔️To relieve pain;
✔️Reduce inflammation;
✔️Minimise atrophy of muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage;
✔️Improve cardiovascular fitness;
✔️Increase the speed of recovery;
✔️Decreasing the use of NSAIDs;
✔️Improve and prolong the animal’s quality of life.