From the results of many studies, shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopedics, physical therapy, sports medicine, urology, aesthetics and veterinary medicine. Its main benefits are rapid pain relief and restoration of mobility. This, coupled with the fact that it is a non-surgical treatment that does not require pain medication, makes it ideal for accelerating recovery and treating a variety of indications that cause acute or chronic pain.

orthopedics / physical therapy

ESWT was first introduced in 1982 as a way to dissolve urinary stones, so they could pass less painfully. However, as medical studies progressed, ESWT was found to be an effective treatment for tendonitis and other soft-tissue conditions. ESWT treatment promotes collagen synthesis and tissue modeling, among other benefits, which improve the chances for a complete recovery for musculoskeletal pain conditions without the need for surgery.


Low-intensity shock wave therapy, also known as shock wave therapy, uses sound waves to stimulate tissues inside the body. Originally developed as a treatment for wounds and injuries, shock wave therapy is thought to stimulate increased blood flow in order to promote healing. As erectile dysfunction (ED) is often a product of issues with blood flow into and out of the penis, shock wave therapy has been proposed as a possible therapy for ED. It has also been proposed as a potential therapy for Peyronie’s disease and other sexual health problems.

veterinary medicine

Equine shock wave not only offers many benefits to horses and their owners for the treatment for horse injuries, but is also a great low-cost investment for equine veterinarians and their practices. Many facilities invest in technology and diagnostic equipment to identify musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders, but few can offer a beneficial therapeutic solution after the diagnosis. Most only offer pharmaceuticals that may result in adverse side effects or recommend surgical solutions. Neither of these options, however, can offer the safe, rapid and effective clinical outcomes of ESWT as a treatment for horse injuries. For most equine patients, ESWT provides fast, reliable and effective treatment for horse injuries and for horses suffering from chronic pain.

Womens’ Sexual Health

Shockwave therapy offers a revolutionary procedure to help women who may be dealing with these signs by using low intensity pulsed waves and restoring full sensation and natural lubrication to the female vagina, as well as eliminating urinary incontinence (if you are dealing with this issue).


The Acoustic Wave used for cellulite and local fat reduction treatments act on these causes in a precise manner, resulting in a biological effect that promotes vascularization, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, oxygenates the tissues, and activates the processes responsible for cellular metabolism by encouraging and increasing lipase (a natural slimming mechanism)