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LipoCollector Fat Transplantation and Filtering System

Achieve safe and effective fat transplantation with the Lipo-Collector BS-LIPS-FL1 system. This advanced fat filtering system offers superior results by ensuring the highest fat viability and minimizing complications. Discover the benefits of this state-of-the-art solution today.


LipoCollector Fat Transplantation and Filtering System


The system includes two-level filtering sub-systems combined with a liposuction aspirator that has hydrodynamic function. The capacitor of the system is 1000ML and made of medical-grade stainless steel. The entire system is autoclavable. After the first level of filtering and the second filtering, the fat granules can be transplanted. It is primarily used for autogenous fat transplantation for procedures like breast augmentation and hip enhancement, as well as large-volume fat transplantation in plastic surgery. It can work in conjunction with the BS-LIPS5/6/M power-assisted liposuction system.


CollectionUp to 1000 mL of fat tissue in a sterile, closed system.
FiltrationRemoval of fibrous tissue.
Material of baseMedical level stainless steel
Clean MethodAuto-clave

Why Choose Lipo Collector?

  1. Used for fat filtering and storage.

  2. Compatible with traditional PAL surgery, making it easy to use.

  3. Two-level filtering ensures a thorough filtration result.

  4. The material conforms to high-level standards, making it easy to clean and durable.

  5. The storage can withstand high pressure and has good biocompatible properties.

  6. Operators can access the fat without opening the lid.

  7. It can be reused multiple times, thanks to its closed-loop non-bacterial sealed design.

  8. It minimizes damage to fat cells due to static precipitation separation.

  9. The volume of fat is observable.





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