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Portable Power Assisted Liposuction Machine

Portable Liposuction Machine


Portable Power Assisted Liposuction Machine SmartLipo BS-LIPSM

SmartLipo BS-LIPSM is a new generation in vibration-assisted liposuction systems, which integrates a high-speed vibration-assisted energy liposuction system.

With this equipment designed to be portable, it is feasible to perform vibro liposuction surgery. It improves the efficiency of the operation and experienced surgeons become less fatigued during liposuction, by facilitating the penetration and removal of adipose tissue.


Conform Cannula Stroke4 mm
Conform Cannula Frequency3800 Strokes/min
Conform Cannula MotorElectronic Motor, Autoclavable
Input Voltage115 - 230 Volt at 50 to 60 Hz

Why Choose SmartLipo PAL?

This is performed with a device called SmartLipo PAL, which generates a reciprocating movement of the cannula that facilitates the tunneling and emulsification of adipocytes. Which means less trauma for the patient and greater comfort for the surgeon, it is safe and does not generate the risk of burns.

The SmartLipo PAL technology was created with the patient in mind exclusively:

  • Shorter surgical time

  • Less postoperative swelling

  • Very fast recovery (two to three days)

  • No risk of burns from thermal energy

  • Minimal pain

  • Less bleeding and bruising

  • Less generation of fibrosis in the skin

  • Ideal in the management of pre-existing fibrosis





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