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Power Assisted Liposuction Machine LipoPlus

Experience the leading technology in power-assisted liposuction with LipoPlus. This all-in-one machine combines infusion, vibration, and suction functions, revolutionizing the entire liposuction process. Here are 5 reasons to choose LipoPlus:

Smooth and Gentle Fat Removal: Our liposuction handle ensures the smoothest and gentlest fat removal method available.

Precision with Less Effort: Move the cannula through tissue effortlessly, reducing the risk and achieving maximum precision.

Comfortable and Lightweight Design: The anatomically shaped hand grip provides optimal balance, low weight, and unparalleled comfort for doctors during any procedure duration.

Innovative and Reliable Performance: Work with an innovative product that delivers reliable and long-lasting performance.

Optimal Workflow Efficiency: The design allows for quick and easy cannula changing, enhancing workflow efficiency and ensuring seamless transitions during the entire liposuction procedure.


Power Assisted Liposuction Machine LipoPlus

Liposuction, also known as suction-assisted lipectomy, is a surgical technique that targets localized fat deposits in areas like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms. To remove excess fat, a thin suction tube called a cannula is inserted into the fatty tissue, employing negative pressure.

Discover the BS-LIPS5 LipoPlus PAL, a cutting-edge power-assisted liposuction technology designed to enhance strength, efficiency, and surgical precision. PAL, which stands for "Power-Assisted Liposuction," utilizes mechanical vibrations to assist in the liposuction process. These vibrations aid in the separation of fat tissue, reducing strain on healthcare professionals and improving procedure accuracy. Experience the advanced capabilities of BS-LIPS5 LipoPlus PAL for optimal liposuction outcomes.

BS-LIPS5 LipoPlus PAL Advanced Power Assisted Liposuction System_001.jpg


Suction PerformanceUp to 60 L/min
Max. Vacuum-0.9 Bar / 686 mmHG
Flow Rate Infiltration Pump2 to 22 L/min
Max. Pressure5 Bar
Conform Cannula Stroke4 mm
Conform Cannula Frequency3600 Strokes/min
Conform Cannula MotorElectronic Motor, Autoclavable
Input Voltage115/230 Volt at 50 to 60 Hz

How Can LipoPlus PAL do?

The handpiece of LipoPlus PAL liposuction is a powerful and precise instrument designed for efficient fat extraction, body contouring, and fat harvesting, whether dealing with small or large volumes. 

With its reciprocating motion, it enhances control, allowing surgeons to guide the cannula with greater accuracy, even through dense fibrous tissue. The result is a faster procedure, reduced fatigue, and more precise outcomes. Choose LipoPlus PAL for enhanced surgical control and superior liposuction results.

BS-LIPS5 LipoPlus PAL Advanced Power Assisted Liposuction System_003.jpg

Experience the ultimate in body contouring and fat transfer with our LipoPlus BS-LIPS5. With its meticulously coordinated and best-in-class components, this complete solution maximizes every aspect of your workflow, guaranteeing superior long-term results. 

From body contouring to fat transfer, our LipoPlus BS-LIPS5 provides all the necessary tools for premium aesthetic surgeries. Elevate your procedures and achieve exceptional outcomes with LipoPlus BS-LIPS5.

LipoPlus BS-LIPS5 Details


All-in-One Liposuction System

This comprehensive liposuction surgery solution combines infusion, vibration, and suction functions in a single system, streamlining the entire liposuction procedure. Achieve outstanding results with ease using the versatile and convenient features of LipoPlus. 


Autoclavable Durable Vibration Handpiece 

Designed to withstand repeated sterilization in an autoclave, this handpiece ensures optimal hygiene and longevity. Experience precise and efficient fat removal with the added benefit of vibration technology. Our durable handpiece guarantees reliable performance and enables superior control during the liposuction process. 

LipoPlus Foot Pedel.jpg

Foot Pedal with Protection

After adjusting the maximum vacuum at the control unit, the device is basically regulated by the pedal. The RED foot switch on the left side of the pedal starts the pump. The BLACK one on the right side sets the water infusion function.

With the pedal the infiltration performance is regulated up to the level of the adjustment. With the practical carrier bar the pedal can be easily relocated by foot.


Multiple Stainless Steel Cannula and Supports Customization

With a range of cannula sizes and designs, you can effectively target different areas of the body and customize your approach. Experience the flexibility and precision of LipoPlus, empowering you to deliver personalized and impactful treatments.





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